Monday, July 10, 2006

Carnival of Personal Finance - Week 56

Welcome to the July 10, 2006 edition of carnival of personal finance. I received 55+ entries for this carnival. The carnival entries are listed here in the order they were received. Happy reading.

InsuranceWatch presents How Does Flood Insurance Work? , saying "This is a brief primer on how flood insurance works, how policy holders really have a policy with the National Flood Insurance Program and not their underwriter and, if this is the case, why they may not even be eligible for it".

jim presents What I Learned Watching Bubbles: Better To Be Conservative Wrong , saying "Ignore the hype because if you've heard it, you're likely too late. Don't lament the fact that you've missed it either, it's better to be wrong and not have made a bundle than it is to have lost a bundle you could afford to lose in the first place".

Christopher Brunner presents Reducing Taxable Income Through Retirement Funds

GaryP presents ID Theft: More Hype Than Harm

Thomas Ott presents My House Is In Foreclosure. What Can I Do?

Henry Stern, LUTCF presents Just One More Reason . . ., saying, "There are obvious reasons (and consequences) why driving drunk is a very bad idea. But there are some not-so-obvious problems, too, which directly affect the pocketbook, and for a long time."

Bryan C. Fleming presents The Basics of Investing Money

FMF presents How to Create Some Extra Cash

supermom_in_ny presents Blogging Ads: Another Way To Reduce Your Debt

frugal presents I am glad that I lost 40% in my first investing year

Wenchypoo presents Is Africa the Next India?, saying "An article and commentary on the idea of long-range worldwide investing with an eye to future political possibilities".

Trent presents Sell Side Comes to Investing Epiphany, saying, "With advice like this, one wonders why investors bother with the major brokerage firms."

LA MoneyGuy presents How Accurate is Zillow? saying, "The goal was to put realtors out of business, just as travel agents have become scarce. Is Zillow accurate enough to change the market in this way?"

Jeff Howard presents Using a Self-Directed IRA for Retirement

Steve Smith presentsExpat Lifestyle on the cheap: Buy a home in Bulgaria, saying "The current hot place to buy a cheap second or vacation home is Bulgaria. The prices for apartments and villas on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast and in its ski resorts are eye-popping. But beware: While bargains are to be found, you should know the risks of buying real estate in another country--especially when the property doesn't actually exist yet.".

JD presents Use Your Hobbies to Bring You Wealth, saying "Hobbies are a great way to earn extra income. You don't have to start a business from your hobby to make money with it.".

Penny Nickel presents Calculating an "hourly wage"-- does it matter?

The Family CEO presents Do It Yourself as as Savings Strategy

Nina Smith presents Long Weekends saying, "Why are so many Americans not taking their vacations?"

Christine Kane presents Sabotage and Persistence saying, "Not exactly about personal finance...but it applies for me, in that persistence has been key to maintaining clarity and focus when it comes to my own finances. Either way, thanks!"

Paul Singh presents Today's Trade: PSPT and the "Dip Trip" Entry

Dan Green presents A downpayment is not a cushion saying, "To categorize a downpayment as "a cushion" against falling real estate prices is a farce. It's not a cushion -- it's a potential loss."

Steve Faber presents Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Amanda presents Extreme Commuting, saying "Living in the exurbs has both financial perks and drawbacks".

Chuck Russell presents Bad Credit Car Tips

GaryP presents Live Rich -- Die Poor - Gospel According to Rick Warren saying, "Is money the root of evil?"

Ricemutt presents How I learned to care about economics, saying "Personal anecdote about discovering everyone else in the world knows about economics but not me, the average American, and why that motivated me to learn about economics/finance".

einzige presents Advertise Your Way To Wealth saying, "In my post I talk about the bad quality of some of the advertisers on the Howard Stern show. I focus, in particular, on two of them. One of which, the "Prosperity Automated System," appears to be a pyramid scheme, and the other, the Smith & Merritt Institute, the latest example of a bad financial "education" company, giving advice of dubious quality."

Flexo presents IKEA is a Shopping Experience, But What About The Furniture? saying, "I’ve found IKEA to be a great place for getting basic furniture, if you’re not looking to impress anyone with your impeccable taste."

Dan Melson presents Dissecting the "Lending Game"

Starling David Hunter presents Loan Dolphins

Steve Mertz presents A Challenge to All Personal Finance Bloggers & Readers

Lisa McGarry presents eBay Bans Google Checkout

Joe Kristan Lawyer, CPA, farmer: three-time loser!, saying "Being a lawyer and a CPA isn't enough to get deductions for a money-losing farm - even after three tries".

Matthew Crist presents Day 68: COBRA Commander

Thatedeguy presents The Automatic Millionaire: Find the money

mbhunter presents Loral Langemeier's The Millionaire Maker

Babak presents Running With the Bulls

Tom Hanna presents The Week Ahead: Your Financial Road Map for July 10 to 14, 2006, saying "A rundown of upcoming economic indicators, Treasury auctions and announcements and select earnings reports for the coming week. Updated throughout the week as the indicators are released".

Kira presents How much have I spent on my pets? Part 1 - Guinea pigs saying, "This post is a tally of how much two little critters have cost me over the year and a half I have owned them, including an unplanned pregnancy!"

kibitzer presents Housing Cycles – This Time with Pictures

Victor Fam presents Guide to Towards Better Life

LA MoneyGuy presents Why Americans Don't Watch the World Cup, and What It Has To Do With Personal Finance. saying, "The best defense is a good offense. Or is it?"

Kevin Surbaugh presents Plan To Curb Out of Control Spending, saying "The month of June has been the same way for me. I bought things and services, before I should have, now those overdrafts are being carried into July. Some of the items, I have been needing done for 7 years, like the yard light. Others like the bathroom sink has been broken for 6-9 months, while the cabinet under it needed replaced for 7 years. So I have waited, it's just I didn't wait till I had the cash to pay for these".

Tessa presents Extra $7200 to Equity Today saying, "When pre-paying mortgage principal is tax-advantaged, how high do interests rate need to rise to move savings to CDs or Money Market Funds?"

Jane Dough presents Certificate of Deposits as Income Stream , saying "Exploring using CD's as a viable income stream".

NCN presents What If I Die?, saying "What would happen to your family if you died? Who would know where to find your financial information?".

Julie Mayfield presents Saving Early Beats Saving Often

Harrison Loke presents Some Simple Formula For Refinancing Calculation, saying "Just some simple calculation formula for refinancing".

Nina Smith presents The Unexpected saying, "The rains hitting the Northeast stressed out more than a few friends last week. So how do you plan for the unexpected?"

Ian Anderson presents Renting Out A Room In My Home, saying "Have a spare bedroom in your home? Rent it out like I did for some easy money.".

Chris Welch presents My .02? I wouldn’t be putting .02 into MSFT right now. saying, "Kevin at InvestorGeeks explores the current buy/sell status of Microsoft (MSFT), and decides that now is still not the time to buy. Also great discussion in comments."

nickel presents Cell Phone Overages: A Hidden Cost of Moving

Pete presents Young & Broke Part II - Lessons for Your Children's College Education saying, "Advise on how to apply financial lessons for children who just want to keep up with the Joneses"

dad presents The Best Dollar(s) That I've Ever Spent

David Lorenzo presents Career Intensity Blog - David V. Lorenzo

ML presents Asset allocation basics: Part VII Rebalancing saying, "This is a post in an on-going series on asset allocation. The topics covered are rebalancing, small vs. large cap stocks and fundamental indexing."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of personal finance using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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