Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Load Funds with Good Performance

All front-load funds dig investers into a hole as soon as the investor puts money into it. A lot of load funds tends to lag the overall market, but some funds do shine even after the load is taken into consideration.

The table below lists load funds with at least $1 billion in assets with outstanding performance for the last 10 years.

SymbolFund NameFront LoadTotal Assets10-Year Annualized
CVGRXCalamos Growth A4.759,715,739,64821.19%
SSRAXBlackRock Aurora Inv A5.751,841,639,93619.73%
PQNAXAllianz OCC Renaissance A5.52,357,939,96817.30%
ETHSXEaton Vance Worldwide Health Sci A5.751,169,110,01617.02%
FPPTXFPA Capital5.251,744,739,96815.90%
CVTRXCalamos Growth & Income A4.752,479,269,88815.59%
LAVLXLord Abbett Mid-Cap Value A5.756,444,950,01615.28%
UNSCXWaddell & Reed Adv Science & Tech A5.752,021,590,01615.22%
SHRAXSmith Barney Aggressive Growth A5.003,186,599,93614.76%
SGOVXFirst Eagle Overseas A5.004,454,949,88814.48%

The information here is taken from the MSN Moneycentral website. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any of these funds.

All disclaimers apply.

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JLP said...

Good post. The quesiton is: how do these funds' performance compare to comparable no-load funds?

My beef with load funds isn't so much the load but the way the advisor gets paid. There's simply too much room for funny business. I have known advisors who put their client's money in several different fund families simmply to avoid price breaks, which are good for the client but bad for the broker because a price break means less commissions!