Saturday, December 03, 2005

20 Largest Mutual Funds

The table below lists the 20 largest mutual funds. These funds manage close to $1 trillion in assets among them.

American funds make up almost half of the largest 20 funds. A total of 9 American fund family funds make the list. The Fidelity funds occupy 5 spots in the top 20 funds. The Vanguard fund family adds 4 funds to this list. The Dodge & Cox and Pimco each add one fund to the list.

The Pimco total return fund is the only bond fund. The Fidelity Low priced stock is the only fund, which hold mainly small cap stocks; most of the funds hold large cap stocks in the portfolio.

All American family funds are load funds. The remaining 11 funds are no load funds. The Pimco Total Return (PTTRX) is the institutional class fund, that’s why it is listed as a no load fund. The investor class fund of the Pimco Total Return (PTTAX) is a load fund, but it does not make this list.

SymbolFund NameTotal Net Assets (Billions)10-year Annualized Return5-year Annualized Return3-year Annualized Return
VFINXVanguard 500 Index70.89.41%0.76%12.48%
AGTHXAmerican Funds Grth Fund of Amer A67.712.76%3.27%15.99%
AIVSXAmerican Funds Invmt Co of Amer A66.011.13%4.64%12.59%
AWSHXAmerican Funds Washington Mutual A63.110.76%5.74%11.76%
FCNTXFidelity Contrafund55.611.77%6.98%19.66%
PTTRXPIMCO Total Return Instl52.77.43%6.85%4.79%
FMAGXFidelity Magellan52.46.85%-0.68%10.16%
AMECXAmerican Funds Inc Fund of Amer A47.410.22%9.43%13.59%
DODGXDodge & Cox Stock46.314.67%12.57%18.24%
CAIBXAmerican Funds Capital Inc Bldr A41.211.3%10.82%14.64%
AEPGXAmerican Funds EuroPacific Gr A40.310.34%7.07%22.06%
VINIXVanguard Institutional Index39.39.55%0.89%12.61%
FLPSXFidelity Low-Priced Stock37.116.11%18.57%21.28%
CWGIXAmerican Funds Capital World G/I A35.613.57%11.26%22.1%
VFIAXVanguard 500 Index Adm35.5-0.84%12.57%
ANWPXAmerican Funds New Perspective A34.611.33%6.13%17.82%
ABALXAmerican Funds American Balanced A32.410.21%8.23%10.55%
FGRIXFidelity Growth & Income31.28.62%0.52%9.83%
FDIVXFidelity Diversified International30.212.73%9.54%23.91%
VWNFXVanguard Windsor II29.211.43%7.28%17.09%

Datasource: © Morningstar, Inc.


ig0r said...

It may be interesting to compare this data to a list of the biggest funds from 5 years ago, if such data is easily obtainable

Loi Tran said...
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Loi Tran said...

I like American Funds and its conservative style. I currently have CAIBX and CWGIX, although I'm buying them at NAV. I'd never pay a load on a fund.

Roundy said...

Since 3-9-2009 the best American funds have been 1)AMCAP-A, 2)New Economy, 3)Smallcap World, 4)Fundamental Investors, 5)Growth fund of America the LARGEST fund!