Monday, January 24, 2005

Taking Pulse of S&P 500 Index

  • Out of 500 stocks that make up S&P 500 index, 123 pay no dividend at all.
  • 108 stocks have dividend yield less than 1%.
  • 132 stocks have dividend yield between 1% and 1.99%.
  • 61 stocks have dividend yield between 2% and 2.99%.
  • 40 stocks have dividend yield between 3% and 3.99%.
  • 26 stocks have dividend yield between 4% and 4.99%.
  • 12 stocks have dividend yield of 5% or more.
  • The highest dividend honors goes to Equity Office Property Trust (Symbol: EOP) with 6.90%. The second and third highest yielding companies are Apartment Investment and Management Co. (Symbol: AIV) and General Motors (Symbol: GM) with dividend yields of 6.60% and 5.60% respectively.
  • The stock with highest revenue per annum is Wal-Mart (Symbol: WMT) with $278.5 Billion, while the stock with lowest revenue per annum is Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (Symbol: AMCC) with $214 Million.
  • The company with highest number of employees is Wal-Mart (Symbol: WMT) with roughly 1.5 Million, while available data indicates that the Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (Symbol: ABK) has just 407 employees.
  • What about the revenue per employee? Each employee of Fannie Mae accounts for $10,402,000 in revenue, which is the highest revenue per employee among the S&P 500 companies. The lowest revenue-per-employee company is Yum! Brands (Symbol: YUM), with each employee generating only $34,000 in revenues.
  • Even though the Ambac Financial Group, Inc. has the fewest employees, they are the most profitable employees. They each generate $1,706,000 in profits for the company. The second most profitable employees sit in the offices of Fannie Mae and they each generate $1,521,000 in profits for their employer.

Disclaimer: The numbers provided here are for general information purposes only. No investing descisions should be made based on the information provided here. The stock screener tools at and were used to gather the information specified above.

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